Throughout the next couple of months I will be navigating the world of digital media. Although, the main reason I started this page was to satisfy a credit in order to complete my degree, after only 1 week, I have become infatuated with building my own domain and perfecting it. Perfection is in no means possible, so my page will be all about growth. How I can grow, how I can help others grow and how we can grow together. This is the perfect time to start, with the new year just in the rear-view mirrors, what a better time to better yourself than today. Art is not my strong suit by any means, but I am very interested in the digital aspects of things and therefore am going to attempt to improve my artistic talents. This page will be about my growth and knowledge while taking this class, but also in other areas of my life. Recently the media and being online has gotten a bad rep. Every outlet can be used positively or negatively, I believe it is our personal responsibility to change the digital narrative and make online outlets a place of learning, and a way to connect instead of a place of hate and tearing others down. It is my mission to grow and navigate the digital world while leaving behind a positive thumb print.