I choose this assignment from the assignment bank because great sports plays are my favorite stories. I believe that sports bring people together and are where some people create lasting, lifelong memories. The play I chose was from the 2022 NCAA Division 1 National Championship game between Northwestern and Liberty. This play was a stroke that Northwestern had one. A stroke occurs when a foul occurs that prevents a goal from happening instead the circle. Strokes are very hard for the goalies, as the offensive player is 7 yards away and gets a direct shot on them. That did not stop Liberty’s goalie from giving it her best shot. As you can see in this GIF, the goalie stops the shot with her foot, kicking the ball in the air. If you don’t know field hockey well, this is a very impressive play. In my opinion the best field hockey play of the year. I went about creating this GIF by watching the game on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mj-1brVsww&t=1474s, then finding this exact play. I then screen recorded around 15 seconds with some video before and after the initial play. I then used the app ImgPlay https://imgplay.net/index.html and used the cropping and timing tools to edit the video to the exact timing and speed I wanted the GIF to be formatted in. I think this assignment and how I chose to go about it relates to our class, because even though this goal keeper made this amazing save, her team did not end up winning the national championship. This will be a game that this individual goal keeper will remember for the rest of her life and always tell stories about, especially this play. Moments like this individual one are where stories are created. The most interesting part about stories are that you never know when a moment will change from just an every day moment to a story you tell for as long as you live and sometimes even after that.

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