The process of making my own domain and setting it up and navigating how to use and post on their was a bit challenging. I am very familiar with twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud, but I have not ever produced a YouTube video or SoundCloud audio so making those two media pieces was definitely interesting. I am looking forward to using SoundCloud a lot more throughout this semester. I also learned that all of the links Professor Bond posts are extremely helpful and it is easier to go a read them ahead of time than to do a trial and error. All together the task were not as complicated as I once thought when reading the initial assignments. It was a little bit more time consuming and I have defiantly learned to use my time wisely and start the assignments at the beginning of the week. I enjoyed the creative freedom we were given to introduce ourselves and it wasn’t you typical name, age, and major icebreaker activity. All together this week has made me extremely excited about the upcoming semester and the work we will be doing in this class. I look forward to learning more about digital media and using it to tell my own stories

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