“Let’s just have a good time.” This quote to me symbolized how much Bob Ross really loves what he is doing. He enjoys painting and enjoys teaching others his skills and love for painting, which is very inspiring.

“On this canvas you have unlimited power. You can do anything here. You can change your world. Anything.” Bob Ross, again, in this quote is empowering and inspiring his audience that in painting and other artistic outlets there doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason behind it. As long as you understand it and you like it, you were successful.

“You just play games with different planes in your painting.” Bob Ross looks at painting as a puzzle or a game and you as the artist are trying to solve it. Figuring out which color should go where, when to blend colors , the size to make different objects to create depth and dimension. These are all decisions you have to make when painting, thus making every painting and artist different due to differences in decision making.

“I’d like to wish you happy painting and God bless my friend.” This again just emphasis his love for painting and showing others the joy of painting.

This isn’t a specific quote, but how he works in personal life stories while he is painting and explaining and how well he does it was impressive to me. I am not a good multitasker, so his ability to paint and tell an intricate story while doing this really grabbed my attention to his painting as well as the story. He never missed a detail in the story or in the painting.

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