I chose to do The Who Said What assignment in the assignment bank because as soon as I read ” Secret Agent” I thought of were the Avengers. I decided to use different Avengers as the secret agents in this assignment. The first step to me completing this assignment was figuring out which avengers to use. I decided on Black Widow, Captain America and Hawkeye. I did this mostly because although Captain America has the super soldier serum, they are all human. After choosing my agents, I found the picture and quote I wanted to use. I tried to find a quote that sounds like Black Widow as much as possible, but her and Captain America do have a different way of approaching topics. Then I used a picture editing app and typed the quote onto the picture adding the red and gold for a pop of color. This relates to our class because our class is all about storytelling and I can’t think of anyone more successful in the story telling business than Marvel. I am personally a huge fan of the Marvel movies and think that all of them convey very important messages and meanings. More so than that, they add in the fictional aspect to give the story some more spice. Marvel is extremely talented at the storytelling process through both movies and comics, I will definitely be looking more into Marvel as I continue my storytelling process.

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