Meet the Field Hockey Family of Mary Wash! The “We’re The Brady Bunch” assignment in the assignment bank was a no brainer for me to do because I automatically thought of the field hockey team that I am apart of here at Mary Washington and how close we are that it is like a family. I went through our pictures from this past season and found different pictures of some of the girls on the team. In order to make it aesthetically pleasing I did 10 different photos instead of 8 like the traditional Brady Bunch photo. This assignment was not too time consuming. After I found the photos I wanted to use, I used snapchat in order to create the writing and font that I desired. After that, I used VSCO to crop and collage the photos and the words how I wanted. Then I saved it into my photos to crop the edges right. I chose the people more based on how their picture would look in the collage rather than on who they were. I did try to create a good spread so I have at least one person in every class. There are 3 freshman, 4 sophomores, 2 Juniors and 1 senior. All of these people have played a key role not just on the field hockey team, but also in m first two years of college! This assignment relates to our class because even though this assignment doesn’t tell a story to anyone, it made me think of and recall of the stories each of these people have been apart of in my life. As well as the characters they played. The blonde in the middle bottom row is my roommate, so most of my college memories she is a part of. I have lots of stories of me and her. The two juniors are my best friends, they have really made Mary Washington feel like a home to me. There are many, many stories I could tell you about all of this individual girls, but the most important story is already told in my work above, they are my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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