Week three has been my favorite week so far in this class. I really liked how we dove into one particular focus, such as the writing assignments. For me the writing assignments had a lot to do with me reflecting on my past and reflecting on decisions I have previously made. This was a much needed time of reflection for me as an individual. Going into second semester Sophomore year, I have had lots of worry and stress about the future and what I should or shouldn’t be doing to obtain the goals I want to reach. Reflecting on my past has made me realize that not only have I made bad decisions in the past and made mistakes, but I have also made a lot of good decisions that have led me to where I am. All of the assignments I did this week held a special place in my heart, whether that was writing a letter to my mom and myself as a child, or reflecting on a meaningful picture to me, they were all fond memories that gave me hope for the future. I am not a huge fan of the Daily Creates, most of the time they confuse me a bit or I am not sure if I am doing them write. I like the concept of them and doing them everyday to get your head in a creative mindset, but sometimes I do not understand them and most of the time I feel stressed when trying to complete them. I am looking forward into diving more into the fundamentals of story telling and using different platforms to produce stories.

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