After making some final adjustments to my schedule last Friday, I had a bit of an adjustment with figuring out my new schedule and class work load. After a bit of work in the beginning of the week, I have seemed to make a schedule that will work for me and allow time for me to get all of my assignments completed. This week I throughly enjoyed customizing my website. I have begun that process but am continually working to better it and make it more interactive and more aesthetic pleasing to my viewers. I am also working to become a more active commenter with others in the class. I have so far enjoyed this class. I always underestimate in the beginning of the week how time consuming and how much effort each assignment will take. I am going to try to get started on all of the assignments earlier this week. The daily create assignments were very thought provoking and challenging. Here is an example of one of the daily creates because I am tired of the snow and cold weather, I am ready for spring and 70 degree temperatures. Following the first are my other daily creates I participated in.

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