This week was pretty laid back, As usual I am more fan of the audio assignments and am definitely going this route for my final project. I liked the daily creates a lot this week, they are becoming a highlight of my weekly assignments, most of the time I just pull it out and do it whenever I have a minute in between classes or to get a break from other assignments. I liked the remix and having to incorporate one of my previous assignments into this weeks activities. It really made me reflect and the different apps and everything I was using in the beginning of the year compared to now. The beginning of the year, I was using snapchat for everything, because it was what I was familiar with. I knew how to edit and crop things and add captions. I have done some more work with VSCO for dodging and burning photos, fixing the saturation of photos and such, Now I have about 5 different apps dowloaded on my phone to edit different things. It is shocking all the different apps out there that you can use to tune up and edit different photos.

Daily Creates:

Mash Up Assignments: This is the Digital Coloring and Music assignment. For this assignment I chose the watermelon picture because it reminded me of eating watermelon in the summer and it is almost summer so I thought It was fitting. I add the song Water Melon Sugar by Harry Styles because well you can see how it is fitting. I switched up a couple of the colors to make it look a little bit brighter than the original painting.


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