This week was fairly smooth sailing. Finishing the video episode was not as difficult since we already had a general idea of the plot and we had some scenes already shot. The daily creates this week were fun and each week are getting easier and easier for me to become more creative in a short amount of time. It was interesting seeing who has chosen to either do the movie episode or the 10 stars worth of assignments. The people who chose the 10 stars assignments have made it easier to get my commenting in. I feel as though the more and more I have commented and people have commented on mine has given this class the “community” aspect and made us feel more connected. As the class comes to and end soon, I am beginning to reflect in order to come up with an idea for my final project and the one thing I have really taken away from this class, is that whatever assignment you are doing should bring you joy but also challenge you at the same time. If we are never challenged we will never become better.

Daily Creates:

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