I had a lot going on for me personally this week and I felt as though the work for this class was a good escape from that. The videos about the movie editing were very eye opening to how movies are made and what makes each individual movie so unique and special. Watching the videos and learning that movie editing and specifically cutting scenes is all a feeling that they get and not a direct step-by-step method they can follow. After watching the videos and then planning and shooting our own video trailer was very beneficial to me. Especially when thinking about how long to hold a scene for, when to zoom in and out, things like that. It made you really think about it after watching the videos. The planning of the video episode was much easier than the actual filming. For 3 college kids we didn’t necessarily have a budget, so we made do with what we had. Whether that was using a pizza cuter as a the murder weapon or ketchup as fake blood, we made do with what we had. I am looking forward to shooting the actual film next week and seeing what we come up with.

Daily Creates:


Above is my Video Episode Trailer.

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