This week, I choose to do the Wedding Invitation assignment from the assignment bank because I thought it would be fun to envision and plan out my own wedding. I began this assignment by looking on Pinterest at different wedding boards to see what kinds of styles and aesthetics I liked. After I decided on a more modern and floral design, I went to the website Canva and looked at the pre-made wedding invitations and came across this one. I have always liked the name Elliot, so I chose that name to be the fictional man I get married too. I then began to search the best wedding venues in America and came across The Cloister at Sea Island which was a beautiful outdoor venue, which I thought was perfect for me. I think this assignment relates to our class because Weddings are a huge story and everyone’s life and a moment man people look forward to. Weddings also tell a huge story of love in two peoples lives and the story of two families coming together.

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