Dear Momma,

A mothers main job is to protect and care for their child. This is a job you never seemed to fail at. But you also allowed me the ability to make my own choices. With that came many wrong choices, many right choices, my own successes and my own failures. I believe that the most important quality a mother can have is the ability to allow their child to make a choice for themselves and you, as their mother, show them love and affection. This is a quality you have overflowing from you. I can never remember a time in my life where I thought there is no way our relationship will not recover from this or your love for me would waiver. This quality that you possess has given me the ability to make decision without the fear of failing having an impact of me. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to have this freedom. As much as you can try to protect another there are unforeseen pains and heartaches that come with life. You have always been my shoulder to cry to and a steady head to give me good advice when I have no direction which way my life is headed. More than all the previous qualities that I have listen about you that make you a one-of-a-kind mother, you have the ability to make me smile and have created a happy atmosphere for me to shine in. Everyone always says there is no right way to parents and most parents figure it our for themselves as time progresses. You have always had motherhood coursing through your veins and I thank my lucky stars for that everyday. I cannot imagine life without you nor would I ever want to. Here’s to me navigating adulthood with you by my side through it all.

Love you always ,

Annie Grace

I chose to do this assignment because my mom plays such a vital role in my life, she does it all for me and very rarely to I reflect and appreciate her. This assignment was a good way for me to express my sappy gratitude. I had a lot of feelings of gratitude that this was the perfect way to get them out. (4 stars)

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