I was inspired to complete this assignment because of a recent Tik Tok trend that I saw. The Tik Tok trend is to take a photo of you and all your friends and give them angel wings, devil horns, funny faces, etc. to describe them and your relationship to them. I thought this would be a fun thing to do with the Mean Girls movie poster since all of the characters have distinct traits about them. This poster is from Cady’s point of view. She is the angel in my “Silly Movie Poster”. This assignment was my favorite assignment to do so far. I put a lot of time and effort into it. I went about making it by using the pixrl app to edit the already existing photo. Then I had to decided what I wanted to write on all the characters. If you have ever seen the movie Mean Girls, you know that they are all mean, but from Cady’s point of view Regina is the meanest, so I had to make her the devil. I gave her horns, tail, a pitchfork and red eyes, as well as labeling her as evil. Next is the girl to the far right, Karen Smith. Karen’s character represents the typical dumb blonde that was in most 2000’s movies. To symbolize that I labeled her as dumb and gave her a shirt that said confused. Next the girl to the far left is Gretchen Wieners. She is extremely two faced and fake throughout this movie, so I symbolized that by giving her the label of fake and making her wear a 2-faced shirt. Finally I labeled Cady as the angel because that is how she see’s herself throughout the movie. This assignment to me relates to our class because just this poster than once maybe gave the hint of telling a story, now gives you actually insight into the movie and more specifically the characters in it. I turned a regular old movie poster into a story just by adding a few silly doodles.

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