This has been by far my favorite assignment for this class. I really enjoyed the freedom of creativity we had and I have never done anything like this before. I spent ba good chunk of time searching through all of the different sounds of After downloading a couple different sounds I thought I could work with and layer together, I used the app GarageBand to assist me in layer all the sounds together and cropping them as well as moving them to different parts of the track. This was the most in depth process of the whole assignment, trying to figure out the perfect timing and everything for my first ever track. I think the assignments relates to our class because this class is all about creating things, and enabling our minds to be in the right headspace to create things. This class isn’t about just doing what you are good at, it is discovering things you didn’t think you were good at and then mastering them. I definitely want to explore more with layering tracks and even bringing some music in there to create a mixtape instead of just a track.

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