The past 14 weeks have flown by. It is Incredible to look back on all we have covered and learned this semester. From first just learning to make a blog too, to having just learning to make a blog to, to having a whole website up and running, to learn how to produce different stories through different media outlets. The story starts with week one in this class when our only assignment was to create different accounts such as twitter, instagram, Flickr, set up our domain, Sound Cloud, YouTube, etc. Week two we dove straight into producing media and introducing ourselves through our new social media accounts. From humming songs on Sound Cloud to digital coloring to making movies and learning how to tell stories through it all. Throughout learning how to use these different outlets there were highs and lows. The highs consisted of learning different ways to edit different forms of media online. This showed me that I could see myself considering having a podcast or being more involved on Sound Cloud. I really enjoyed doing the radio show. My group was great and we all got along and put in the same amount of work, so that made it easy as well. Having the freedom to just sit down and talk about a certain topic with a few different people opened my eyes to the realization that everyones background plays a significant role in how they percieve the things that are currently happening to them and different topics. This became apparent in our Radio Show topic “Conspiracies with 9/11”. Some of the lows included problems with uploading information onto YouTube was probably my biggest one. Running into storage issues on my phone were a bit of an issue a couple times throughout the year. If you would have told me at the beginning of the summer that I would have created a 27 minute long Radio Show, a 8 minute long movie and a 15 minute long final project throughout this semester I would have told you you were crazy. I never thought I would have been able to accomplish and master the skills I have up this semester. The editing process was also a bit of a low for me. I had a bit of a difficult time learning the editing process for the different projects. The process for editing videos was much easier and less time consuming as well. The process for editing videos was all had a larger margin for error, since it was videos fading in and out it wasn’t as obvious if the videos weren’t matched up perfectly. The audio editing process was extremely difficult. Trying to place the different tracks together and layering different audios smoothly was quite a process. But it wasn’t a process I necessarily hated. I won’t go as far as to say I enjoyed the editing process for the audio tracks but I was almost entranced by it and trying to get it to fit together perfect was like a puzzle. Overall I took this class in order to satisfy a need for a credit and it has taught me life long skills. I did not expect this class to be as time-consuming as it ended up being but I feel like it was worth it in order to fully grasp the understanding and mastery of the skills and concepts. I now feel confident and proficient in my digital skills. These are skills I will be able to carry with me in to future classes and definitely into my future in a certain workplace.

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