I have always thought the movie production process was extremely intriguing and at one point in time, I wanted to be the person that choses the soundtracks for movies, because I thought that the music in certain scenes of movies could make or break a movie. After watching these two videos on movie editing and making cuts, I realize that the editing of movies can make or break them as well. After watching the videos I knew for the assignment I needed to choose a since that had intense cuts, lots of emotions and certain scenes that really focused on the eyes of certain characters and even more so focused on the emotions the eyes conveyed. After thinking about all these things I wanted in my chosen scene, and doing some research on famous movie editors, I decided to go with a Stan Lee classic Avengers Movies and chose The Avengers: Infinity War. After going through a couple of different scenes in this movie, I chose the scene where Wanda and Vision are fighting two of Thanos sidekicks and then Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow show up to help. The reasoning behind this scene will be explained in more depth throughout the video essay, but there are a couple different types of cuts, lots of emotions and close up scenes where you can tell the characters emotion through their eyes. I will explain more in my video essay. Lastly, I think I got a lot out of doing this assignment. It made me realize that the editor for the movie has a very important role to play and can create so much more with the scenes he is given by thinking and feeling his way through editing and cutting scenes. The power the editor is given has the ability to quite literally make or break the movie. Although the actors play a huge role in movie production, the editors can really enhance the actors already established emotion if needed for the scene. I also thought it was interesting that the only way to get good at movie editing is to actually edit movies, but very few movie producers would take on a movie editor that had no previous experience. I guess it is similar to acting at that point that you have to start with small projects and then work your way up to the bigger ones. And at some point a small movie may catch a big break and that’s how movie editors are created. It was interesting to me too that there is no correct or incorrect way to edit movies, it is all based on a personal feeling or what the movie editor wants to convey to the audience. This makes the movie editing business have an extra little spice added to it. If you gave 5 different movie editors the same footage they would all produce different products by the way they made cuts, or which senses they kept or didn’t keep. This makes the movie editing business very interesting and even more competitive if you get really good at movie editing.


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