At first thinking about filming the radio show I thought was going to be super intense and not easy to get the conversation flowing enough to create 30 minutes worth of content. I was proved wrong when my group filmed ours together. We ended up with 37 minutes of content after making the first set on initial cuts. Over spring break my group collected info on the conspiracies behind 9/11 ourselves and then we already had our commercials and some audio to use for the show. This week we met on Wednesday for about 2 hours and planned a tentative script of ideas of what we wanted to say where to add different audio clips and the timing of them and then what songs we wanted to use and what parts of them as well. After choosing these things and finishing the outline/script of our show we went ahead and uploaded all the audios that weren’t our voices onto Garage Band. Then we went ahead and filmed our bumpers so we had those completed as well. We then met again on Thursday for another 2ish hours to actually record us speaking for the radio show. It was interesting once we started filming us and our opinions because I realized that we hadn’t really discussed how we felt about certain aspects of the conspiracies until now. We all had a different stance as far as our opinions went but we were also able to see the other point of view. Overall I really enjoyed this assignment. The editing part was the hardest and most time consuming aspect of it and I did NOT enjoy that part, but the actual recording of the show was very entertaining. I think this assignment really captured the essence of storytelling for me. Throughout filming we were all sharing stories of what made us think a certain way or believe a certain thing, etc. All while we were creating a story for people to listen too. It also made me reflect on our theme for this class which is “the joys of painting” and although we didn’t paint anything or even talk about painting expect for in our commercials, we had joy while creating something which is really what I, personally, think is the message Bob Ross was trying to convey to us.

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