My radio show group met today to get some ideas flowing for our radio show and hopefully get some of our audio assignments done for this week. We landed on a topic to discuss in our radio show and then decided how to split the audio assignments up so we covered all the different requirements of the radio show. Maggie is going to be making a commercial and doing a celebrity interview that goes along with our radio show theme. Jack-Henry is going to be making a audio mashup to play in the background of our radio show and reenacting a 911 call that goes along with our theme. I am going to be making a mashup of a speech and another commercial. All of these individual audio assignments are going to be incorporated into our radio show at some point.

Overall, I think we are on the right track, we all have different parts to work on during spring break and then after spring break we are all going to come together to record our full radio show productions. I cam up with a promotional poster and so did Jack-Henry and then Maggie came up with a design for our radio show. We all worked on these things together to get a good understanding of what we envisioned for the radio show and do establish some good building blocks and fundamentals.

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