I created a promotional poster for my upcoming radio show. I believe this poster demonstrates creativity which relates to our class. Conspiracy theories are exceptional interesting and most of them are extremely creative. During my radio show, my group and I will be discussing different conspiracies about 9/11 and our thoughts and feelings about them. We came up with this idea by seeing someone suggesting different conspiracies and figured there is a lot of information on 9/11 and the conspiracies surrounding it online, as well as movies and different podcast who have explored this topic. You may originally think that maybe our main idea is a bit far stretched from the theme of our class but the theme of our class is all about the joys of painting and creating things. Conspiracies are things and ideas that are created, so I believe if it an idea we created and can produce audio from it and we are having fun doing it than it relates to our class. In order to incorporate more of the class theme into our radio show our commercials will be strictly products that help with design and creation therefore we fully incorporate the “joys of painting” into our radio show.

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