This week I chose to do option one out of the two options we had. I started by asking my Radio Show group members if they would like to be a group again and come put with a video episode idea. They said yes, so Maggie, Jack-Henry and I will be working together for another 2 weeks. We all met together and decided on doing a murder mystery show for our episodes plot. We started planning who would be the killer, who would die, and what all of our motives would be. After a bit of back and forth discussion we decided to do something along the lines of the teen hit series Pretty Little Liars. Our episode would be about a group of friends driven apart by secrets and lies and ultimately death. We then started going through and planning the different scenes and shots we would need to execute next week in order to complete the video. We decided to shoot our video episode similarly to how we did the Radio Show and not come up with a script that we needed to memorize line for line. Instead we came up with a general idea of what we needed to happen and somewhat say in each scene but next week do more of an improv as far as word for word goes. After this we went to the app that comes on most iPhones, iMovie, and looked at the different templates they had for movie trailers. We then decided to use their template trailer “scary” to start shooting our trailers. We had to make each trailer different so each of our trailers is a trailer of what our character is going through/apart of. Although some of the scenes intersect, we made them as different as possible with still trying to convey the same plot idea. We all decided to use the same words that flash in-between each scene in order to let the audience know watching that it is for the same movie/video episode but they are seen from a different characters point of view. I hope everyone enjoys my trailer and comes back next week to see an MAGJK flies original Last Summer.

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