Let’s start off this post by saying I am a terrible hummer and cannot follow a tune, melody, or anything to save my life. My family and I though play this game where you hum a song and everyone tries to guess it. As you can probably guess by my first statement I am terrible at this game due to my lack of humming skills. I decided to do this assignment anyway because the whole point of this class is to get creative and get out of your comfort zone, so I really wanted to push myself with that this week. This assignment relates to our classes theme because like Bob Ross says, “there are no mistakes just happy little accidents”. I tried to really keep that quote in the back of my head this week while completing the different assignments for this week. The assignment was one of the lesser time consuming things I have done for this class. First I tried to think of what song I wanted to use. Once I settled on Ghost by Justin Bieber, I listened to the chorus a couple times throughout, to really try and get down the tune of it. After that, I used my voice memo app on my phone and recorded me humming a few seconds of the song. after that I uploaded the clip onto my sound cloud account and posted it. Check out my pretty terrible rendition of Ghost by Justin Bieber

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