As a child watching America’s Funniest Home videos was a common thing for me and my family. So for me to turn one of my own funny home videos into a GIF was a very fun process for me. I have previously created a GIF for this class so I did have a bit of experience. I used the app imgPlay to turn my video into a GIF. On the app it gives you the ability to crop your video to the exact moment you want turned into the GIF as well as speed up or slow down the time to which the GIF moves at. After playing with the video in the app, I decided on the perfect times for everything I produced this GIF. There’s always backstories that follow every video but especially funny videos. With funny videos there are multiple moments leading up to when the actual clip happens, therefore similar to this class, producing a story. I think this assignment ties into our classes purpose because we only get to see a 5 second clip with GIF and then our mind has creative control on what we think happened before/after. Therefore giving us the ability to form whatever story, true or untrue we want.

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