After completing this Episode/Movie assignment, I can firmly say that I was a much bigger fan of the Radio Show than I was of this assignment. Preparing different sets and scenes was much hard then the audio editing we had to complete for the Radio Show. We continued with the Murder Mystery plot but changed a couple of details. Throughout our movie episode, you will witness a group of 3 friends, where one is being haunted and then a dramatic ending. We filmed all of the scenes on Wednesday and then used the iMovie to put all the scenes together. We then used a different app called VITA to layer our voices over and add the opening and end credit scenes. The editing process was not as hard as the Radio Show editing was, but I found it hard to film lengthy scenes like how we did in the Radio Show. Overall, It was fun to work with the same people for yet another assignment, it made it easier to feed off of each other energy and determine our course of action. I hope you guys enjoy our Short Film, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.

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  1. The Google Drive link says I don’t have access. Is the sharing set so anyone with the link can view?

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