As a child, I loved summer camps, they were always so exciting and a fun thing to look forward to. As a child, most of the summer camps I went to were field hockey camps, although they were extremely tiring, I always had such a good time. I never went to the summer camp at Mary Washington, but looking back I wish I did. Most field hockey camps are always set up the same, you get to stay in the college dorms and eat at the college dinning halls. In my earlier high school years it was a great way to go to a camp, play field hockey and tour a college. Throughout the day you get to play field hockey and other fun games/ activities. This assignment relates to our class because summer camps were a memory for me and every memory has stories attached to it. This also tells a story to anyone who sees this assignment because they now know I play field hockey for Mary Washington and that I like playing and going to summer camps. So far this class has taught me that everything has some sort of story connected to it, so even something as simple as making this poster tells others a story about me.

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