I chose to read The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narrative w/ New Media. Throughout this chapter it was describing all the different ways you can define what a story is. One of the definitions that stuck out to me was “a story is the narrative of an event, crafted in a way that interest the audience”. This definition made me think of movies that are based off of true stories have scenes or concepts in them that weren’t apart of the real story. Movie writers do this to create more interest/ action for the viewers. This is a good idea to keep in mind when I am writing stories. Also while reading this piece the quote “people tell stories with every new piece of technology we invent”. I never really though of a podcast or talkshow or song as a story, but in reality they are all trying to convey some message to their audience. When I was planning my outline for my story this never even crossed my mind, that my story didn’t have to be a written essay, it could be a podcast or song or any type of digital way to get my story across. Another important quote that I tried to keep in the back of my head when deciding a topic for my outline was “stories exist where high concept and high touch intersect” You have to produce a story that not only means something to you but also to other individuals as well. The first video got me thinking about how to structure my story in order to capture and hold onto the audiences attention. We have all watched movies or read books that have the “slow parts” where viewers lose interest. Not having this “slow part” is the difference between a good story and a great one.

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