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Here’s the picture that was taken at the beginning of the summer of my life. The people in this photo were complete strangers to me and four months later they became characters in some of my fondest memories and friends that will last a life time. After my junior year of high school I had the opportunity to move to Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks to work for the summer. This past summer I worked at Nor’Banks Sailing and Water Sports. It was and will continue to be the experience of a life time. I learned more this past summer than I ever thought imaginable. My everyday worked duties consisted of: filling up boats and jet skis with gas/oil, cleaning boats, backing up trailers into the water to load and unload boats, answering phone calls to book reservations, rigging and derigging sailboats, safety instructional lectures, etc. Most of these were activities I was unfamiliar with. I also learned expectational customer service skills, the tiredness of work ten hour shift, five-six days a week. It was work. It was hard work. But more importantly it was fun work. It was fun work, due to the people in this photo showing up to work and helping in anyway possible. I learned a lot about work ethic, how to thrive under pressure and stress, and all about scheduling. I also learned how powerful it can be when a group of strangers come together as a cohesive group in and out of work. I could not have asked for a better summer.

I chose this assignment from the assignment banks because I think more and more these days we see people wallowing in how bad things are or the negative side of things. This assignment allowed me to reflect back on a time were I was genuinely happy and the people around me were too. I didn’t realize how lucky I have been to have this opportunity to work in such a beautiful place. Living and working at the beach during the summers has been a dream come true and something I will always hold near to my heart. Be sure if you are in the Outer Banks to check out NorBanks Sailing and Water Sports for any water activity!! (3 stars)

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