After reflecting on last weeks assignments, specifically the Bob Ross video I watched ( )I thought a lot about how he story telling was an integral part of his video and his painting process. I went onto the assignment bank and came across the Color of Words assignment I thought what an interesting idea. I went to the photo chrome website So I brainstormed some different words I could put in the generator just for the fun of it and see what would come up. After getting the idea of it, I brainstormed words that gave this class and what we were going to learn about and I landed upon the word “Story”. Beside the word being in the title name of the class, it is also the reason behind everything we are doing/have done in this class. Every post we make is a story, every assignment we complete there is a story behind it, Bob Ross is constantly telling stories, so this word just made sense for me. After the piece was generated, I began to examine it. The piece had many similarities to Bob Ross’ art in dimensions and color aspects. Also similar to how Bob Ross layered his videos with painting techniques, stories, jokes, inspiration,etc. the artwork that was produced was layered with different words, books, shelves, cameras, camera lens, glasses, people, etc. Bob Ross’s process of telling his own stories while painting is what inspired me to use the word Story. Overall I really enjoyed this assignment.