The original book was called, Just Me and Dad. I changed it to Just Me and The Web. I think that the internet has played a huge part in the changing of parenting. We have changed from a society of dads taking their children fishing on the weekends to weekends being filled with screens and the internet. Now this isn’t true for all, but this has become the new norm. I grew up with a very involved dad who played an active roll in my upbringing. This book was one of my favorite books to read when I was a child. I believe this assignment really brings to life the negative sides of the internet and web. Whereas I want to use this class to reflect on the positive sides. I did this assignment specifically this second week of class, as something I can look back on to encourage me to stay true to what I want to accomplish this year in this class. For this assignment I just used snapchat to erase the title and then add in my new caption.